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Cheap Cashmere

It's no secret that cashmere is all the rage for winter '05.

But what about the cashmere sweaters in fun colors at Target for $31.99?

Or Old Navy's for $44.50?

It's like I know that they won't be super high quality, and will be thin, but wouldn't I rather wear cashmere than an itchy merino wool sweater or an angora sweater that sheds all over everything? Hmmm.

Also, in Houston tomorrow (Thanksgiving) it will be 80 degrees. Maybe I shouldn't even buy any more sweaters this year.


Amy on Everwood's Necklace

Last year (or was it the year before?) when Ephram gave Amy a necklace, I wanted it. I looked high and low for a version of it (in my mind, it had small "diamonds" on the circle) for less than $100. Couldn't find one anywhere. Now, they are all over the place! This one is $46 at Nordstrom. I'm not sure if I want it now. The trend is probably on it's way out. Still cute though!


Winter Wedding

So I've been on the hunt for the perfect LBD.

I found this one from Target. It's cute. But it's verrry structured. Like stiff cotton. Also, it's SUPER long. I'm tall, too (5'7") and the end of it hit right at mid-calf. And as WNTW constantly tells me: "Don't have a skirt hit at the widest part of your leg." So, the dress went back to Target.

So, I've finally settled on this cute strapless lace A-line dress (no picture available) from White House Black Market. And I mean settled. It's cute, and flattering. But I really wanted a halter dress, and I wanted it to be the LBD for the ages. Couldn't find one. "The dress" is out for Fall '05. I looked up and down at the Houston Galleria (the 4th largest mall in the nation), for a hot dress for less than $200. I was really wanting a brown dress. Like this one from AT (they had it in brown at the store). But it was too bridesmaid-y and shiny. And my-new-best-friend-Nordstrom had cute dresses online but none, that I could find, in the store. Uggh.

Ok, so I settled for the dress. But I have this awesome $15 Nine West Outlet Purse (still $48 in the NW stores!). Is a black lace dress with the beaded purse Too Much? Hmm.

I'm still hoping to find the perfect brown or black plain dress. Wedding is 5 days away. I have time.


My new jeans!

I have tried on sooo many relatively expensive jeans and it was always so depressing. They never fit. I have shapely legs and an ass, dammit! Or they caused the lovely muffin top. Finally! The stars have aligned and I found TWO pairs! Unfortunately, my budget will only allow for one pair, and I chose the more trendy "casual" pair - I'm going to see Gwen this week, I need to look cute!

A more professional and work-appropriate David Kahn pair (who?) in Newport. But there's no fun design on the pockets!

And then the ones I got, Blue Cult Kate jeans in Dune. And lucky for me, the back pockets have this gorgeous orange and golden yellow stitching on them! Love them. And then I had to go and buy some cute yellow stilettos to go with them. What? They were only $9 on clearance at DSW and my jeans needed an accesory!!


Discount Store Finds I did not buy

I am on the hunt for a purse. I saw this orangy-red Tommy Hilfiger purse for like $40 at a Marshall's in Houston. The problem? It's HUGE. It doesn't look that huge in the picture, but it was way huge. I looove the color, and have scoured ebay and the web looking for a smaller version in this color to no avail!

I saw these shoes (but with a back on them) at DSW about a month ago, and they were around $70. I wanted them, but wasn't sure. I've been thinking about them ever since. But I want the ones with the back on them, and I can't find them anywhere. The yellow is not as YELLOW as it looks here and they would look fantastic with jeans. Oh well.

I found this chocolate brown suede & leather MAXX NEW YORK purse at Marshall's in Houston. It was originally $250, marked down to $90. Very, very cute, but too wide to carry under your arm comfortably. Plus, it would be a fall/winter-only purse, being suede and all.

ETA: Three weeks later, and I want this purse. I may have to go back and look for it.

Saw these at the Cole Haan Outlet at Katy Mills. I think they were $80. I didn't like that I could see my toes through the holes in the top. But, now, a month later, I want them. They are a beautiful color and the perfect heel height.

ETA: I went back to Katy Mills and bought them for half-off!

I found these at Target ($27.99 though - a little high for Target, I think), and they were cute, but I want to wear them with a cheap dress. And I want to mix & match the cheap with the expensive.

Oh well - the hunt is on!