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Rafe at Target?!?

I love Rafe! How did I not know about this?

I need a going out clutch. I'm loving the Navy on this Hobo bag, but the navy looks darker on the clutch.

Love the little Rafe tag too!

Definitely worth a visit to Target!

More Payless Boots

I'm not in love with them, but I've still been thinking about these, because they actually fit over my jeans, and I'm loving that look, even though I don't know how I really feel about wearing it, since it hasn't really caught on in it's-85-degrees-today Houston.

Anyways, saw these cute Payless boots in Shop, Etc. Don't so much like the color though - dark colors are in for fall, doesn't Payless know that?


Down with leggings

I was tired of the leggings trend before it even started. Me, 8th grade, black lace-bottomed leggings, white cotton shorts, pink shirt, pink socks, black Keds. *Shudder* I did NOT want to relive any of that.

Luckily, it's been too hot here in Houston for anyone other than junior high kids or super-trendy fake girls at clubs for leggings to catch on. Thank God.

And this article pretty much sums up the rest.

"Beyond the fact that they can be profoundly unflattering on the wrong
figure, in the wrong proportions and with the wrong skirt, dress or tunic, they
are also too obvious. " [Thanks, Trent]



The Cheapest Jewelry Ever

I swear I saw this same necklace & earrings on the streets of SoHo in New York for $20.

$2.50 in the "dollar section" at Target. Part of their "Asian Fusion" collection that's going on right now. [Not available online]

Ok, for some reason the pic is showing up sideways. Necklace on the right, 2 earrings on the left. You get the picture (literally).

Yes, they are cheap and will probably bend in half after the 3rd wear, but they sure are cute!


Piper Lime - New Online Shoe Store from Gap Inc.

Gap Inc. has a new online shoe store - Piper Lime - free shipping and returns. It's no Zappos, but it has definite potential. It has some higher-end shoe lines, and some of my faves like Franco Sarto and Charles David.

Get 10% off your first purchase there with your BR, Gap, or Old Navy card till 12/31/06 - promo code: TREAT.


This is why I want some (more) red shoes!

How cute does Ashlee look with the red shoes poking out from her jeans? [Source]

But I'm already tired of the patents and the peep-toes, which seems to be all that's out there.

These $59 BP ones kind of look like them (and I've been living in a red strappy pair of BPs since the summer).

Linea Paolo does some too for $89 (with a 4" heel - ouch!).


New pumps

For a while, I wanted some croco-like chocolate brown peep toe pumps - but after trying on numerous peep-toes and even buying some and taking them back, I've decided that I cannot pull off the small peep-toe look.

Sooo... I still desperately needed some chocolate brown work shoes.

And then I was going to an event on Friday that I wanted to wear my chocolate brown pencil skirt and my heathered-green ("root beer"?) silk drapey BR top, and I Had to Have some shoes.

Off to DSW I went... I found some beautiful dark brown Guess croco pumps. I usually steer away from Guess shoes because, well, Guess, for one, reminds me of the 80s. And two, their heels are usually sky high! Well, these weren't too bad. I think they are 3 & 1/4", which I can handle. They also seemed to have some padding under the ball of the foot - ingenious!

They were fairly comfortable on Friday (for 8 hours of standing/sitting). Wore them again out with jeans and a brown & gold strapless top (lots of walking on cobbles & streets), and my feet did hurt at 2 AM - but no blisters! And I'm wearing them today with my dark brown Express shorts & a dark red long sleeve deep V BR wool-crepe top [This is a top I haven't worn in like 2 years, but always kept it because it's fairly classic and super flattering - and this fall it's my fave color! I love it with brown.]. Also, shockingly, they don't slip up and down on my foot - which makes them the first pair of pumps that I haven't needed to put heel pads in the back of. They are a perfect fall shoe!

I couldn't find the exact pair online, but I think these are them, just not in croc... I paid $79 at DSW.
I'm loving the red ones too!



Isn't this model supposed to make this BR top look cute? Eww.


Cute Denim Jacket at Gap

I bought this dark denim jacket when it was on sale for $35, but now it's $19.99. It's very cute and a little dressier than a regular denim jacket. Super cute for work.


Fall Boot Hunt

This fall I'm looking for some dressy chocolate brown boots that aren't too trendy, with a narrow heel. I love the gold buckles on boots for fall, and while I know it's a current trend, I don't think it's too trendy that I couldn't wear them next year. I need a wide calf (or one I could get stretched). I also need a round-ish toe, or some kind of decoration across the foot, since my feet are a little wide.

I found some chocolate brown pebbled leather Nine West ones (for $79.99 at Marshall's!) that looked a little like these BCBGirls (with the wrap-around strap & buckle):

And I wasn't sure they were dressy enough for what I wanted. It's such a good deal, I might just get them anyway.

Also, I love these $550 Cole Haan boots. They are a little different, with the croco and all, but they are just beautiful.

Boots with jeans

Even though it's a little "last year," I really like the boots with jeans look. Unfortunately, that also seems to mean buying some slim fit jeans (shudder!). Or at least slimmer in the knee than the jeans I have now. I found a slimmer bootcut pair at Arden B, that I have yet to buy, but I might go back and get them.

The other issue: finding boots that fit on my calves AND allow jeans to be tucked into them.

So, with my slim-ish David Kahn jeans on, I actually found a pair of boots at Payless, that fit over my jeans and calves and looked cute!

However, the DK jeans bagged a bit at the knees, and since I have no other jean options right now for the boots, I didn't get them. But if you have larger calves - these totally work!!

Express Editor Shorts

I'm not sure when Express is planning on catching up with the information age, but their website sucks for shopping. I bet they would do good business online, considering they are sold out of sizes at their stores half the time.

Anyway, this summer I bought a pair of their light gray Editor City Shorts, and I love them. $49.50 was a bit more than I wanted to pay for shorts(!), but they are super-flattering, and perfect for work. I wanted a dark brown pair, but they were sold out all summer. I saw them again in the October Elle, and thought again how cute they would look for fall with shiny brown boots and a chunky sweater, so I went back to Express. They had 3 pairs out - the salesgirl said they've been flying off the rack! But lucky for me, they had plenty in the back! They also had some super-cute glen plaid-ish ones ($59.50), but I thought the solid brown would be more versatile.

Now if I could only find my ideal dressy chocolate brown boots... At least it's still warm enough here to wear shorts with heels for a few more weeks!