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Can I really wear flats?

I am a heels girl. I love heels. If I'm not wearing heels, it's flip flops. I wish & wish that I could wear some sort of comfortable / casual / whatever type of shoe, but I try on flats and just cannot picture myself wearing them!

ClosetTherapy (I just love her) has been changing my mind lately. She puts together the cutest outfits, and a lot of them involve the cutest flats! I can do that, right?

Take for example this outfit. I have had my mind on those Chloe Paddington flats ever since she posted that.

Then, last week at Dillard's I found these. Then come in red, black, dark brown, and tan. Unfortch, only the tan comes with the gold hardware, like the Chloes. But they even have the little cut out in the back! I didn't buy them, but I'm thinking about it. I don't know how I feel about spending $80 on shoes that I'm not all that sure I will wear, but it is better than the $400 they are going for on ebay! Hmmm...


New stores coming to Houston Galleria

The one I'm *most* excited about is H&M!! I *heard* from someone who works at Nordstrom that a "small" H&M is going in the nest of shops where Lord & Taylor used to be. How awesome is that?

I also saw that a Forth & Towne is going in the new part of the Galleria. Ever since I saw one of their cute totes in Lucky a couple months ago, I've wanted to go there!

Red Shoes

So, my new obsession (since I've forced myself to stop buying cognac/luggage/caramel-colored shoes) is red shoes. I want some.

I also was planning to wear this black & white outfit out dancing Sat night, and I wanted some cute shoes (red). I headed to Nordstrom. I didn't really see any red shoes that I wanted. I tried on these Steve Maddens (too high). I ended up with these Exchange by Charles Davids and these Seychelles (in black - they only had the whiskey & black at Nordstrom) at the cash register and at the last minute decided against the Charles Davids - the heel felt a little too high (although Zappos says it's only 3"), and I just wasn't sure about them. Now, the Seychelles, I love them, and they are SUPER comfortable - except - they have that huge, chunky heel, the kind that Stacey & Clinton say makes your legs look chunky. Grrr... So, I think they are going back. ESPECIALLY since I see that they come in red!!

So, the hunt continues. How long is this peep-toe platform trend going to last. Do I go Target (oooh... patent... huge for fall right? Or would I just look like a stripper?) or find something better?

This bag from Target also looks cute. Will have to check it out in person though.


Transforming a t-shirt

So, I have a T-shirt I want to wear to an outdoorsy event (it supports the event), but I really hate baggy t-shirts. So, I was looking for ways to transform it into a halter or a strapless top (getting no tan lines up there is always a bonus). I'm not a sew-er (not a sewer either), and no real access to a sewing machine... Hmmm. But apparently I'm onto something that's been going on for years.

Well, this is a good start. This is a cute halter (I love the colors!).

This is a nice step-by-step from Elle Girl with visuals.

I've also always wanted to make a t-shirt quilt out of all my old college Ts... but I finally got rid of most of them, thinking that it probably really doesn't fit into my decorating scheme. But I still think it's cute.


Bent out of shape

For work, we have to order & sporadically wear Lands' End polo-style shirts with embroidered logos on them. I own 2 of these shirts. One is a short sleeve polo, which I hated buying, but at least it's a nice color and has held it's shape. But since it's always FREEZING at work, it sucks that it's short sleeve.

The next time around, I thought I'd be smarter and get a 3/4 sleeve shirt... specifically this one. So, I did - and I've only worn it a few times (as little as I have to), and it's awful. First of all the "flattering, natural fit"?? Natural apparently means "pregnant." But it has also shrunk in length, so if I were pregnant, my belly would be hanging out the bottom. Nice. It's all out of shape, the color has faded, and it's so unflattering. I hate wearing it.

I hear that Lands' End has some kick-ass return policy, but I won't be forced to wear this shirt too much longer, so I don't know if it's even worth it to return it and get a new one.

So, today I'm wearing my awful shrunken, faded 3/4-sleeve polo shirt that looks like someone's garage sale leftovers with my David Kahn jeans - at least my ass looks fantastic.


Dark Blue Bag

Sometime last year I had this fleeting fascination with a dark blue bag I found on sale somewhere - but decided it was too much of an 80s color. Well, now I want one again. I've been thinking I wanted a white bag, and then there's gorgeous dark brown, but I saw an old episode of Sex & The City and Samantha is getting into a cab with this gorgeous navy blue bag and now I. Want. It. Then, I saw what I think is the same (Gucci) bag on Closet Therapy. It seems blue-er on ebay, though, so maybe it's not Gucci.

But it fits in with the nautical summer trend, right?

I also like the shape of this Sigrid Olsen bag, but the leather's not shiny enough for me.

Also, huge doctor's bags and patent leathers are supposedly going to be big for fall - it would be nice to incoporate one of those trends. The huge-ness thing I don't really get though - I can't stand bags that are heavy (without anything in them!) and I have to able to carry it under my arm to shop! Seriously!