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Beautiful Dress

I love that WNTW actually has the stores that some of the clothes are from on their website. However, they, of course haven't updated it in a while. I really want the green dress that the photog Leona Lisa had on when she did the final reveal for her friends. Wherever can I find it?


Shoe Styles to Fall For

[Macy's Ad]
Ok, the boots, I am totally into. Jessica Simpson has made me love those. The wedge... not always the most attractive, but cute. Round toe... sure. Can make certain feet look bad, and a pointy toe is always more flattering (says Stacey & Clinton), but the clog and the embellished? Who found these attractive? Especially the clog.

I mean come on!


What would happen...

...if a soccer mom on vacation got drunk and designed a pair of shoes?


Cute Skirt

Even though I don't look good in these layered skirts, I can't help but want this one from BR. A friend of mine has like 4 of them from Gap's summer line, and she looks so cute and carefree in them. I kept not buying them because I already had 3 full skirts for this summer, and I was thinking they would be OUT by fall, but here it is redesigned for fall.

Reminder to self: Fashiongirl, you may think you can wear your summer dresses to your 2 fall weddings just because they are in tropical destinations, but come February, you are going to need a nice winter-y semi-formal dress to wear to 2 weddings then. Start looking now!

Loved the green, bought the brown. I already have a green jacket. I love green.


The perfect jean

Just like every girl on the planet, I am in a constant state of finding the perfect jean. My roommate loves Seven For All Mankind, and so do most girls, it seems.

I tried on every pair they had at Nordstrom one day. I brought myself to tears. They were all too tight and too short. Apparently, the "tightness" goes away after a washing. Even Pamie says so. And then I found out that Nordstrom has Long lengths online. $132. I may have to buy myself them for my birthday.



You know; there's nothing more classic than a white tank and jeans. It's comfortable, it's sexy, you can add a cute necklace or belt or shoes... Or you can fuck the whole oufit up and wear Flip Flop Socks. What the fuck.

[Thanks(?) to Trent, for the link.]



Gap has two new fits of jeans for fall: Curvy & Straight Fits. They aren't available in stores yet. Sounds interesting. I love Gap Jeans. I have tried on lots of over $100 jeans and I just haven't found anything that fits me as well. My theory is that jeans should cost about $50-60. But. If they cost $150 and they look so good on you that you will love them as much as 3 pairs of jeans, then it's ok. I really wish I could go to NYC and go to the custom-made jeans place they went on WNTW. A girl can dream.

Same with shoes. If you find a pair of shoes you absolutely love, but think you have nothing to match, buy them anyway. You will amaze yourself by coming up with outfits centered around your new, beautiful shoes.

News to me: Target has Long-length jeans. Huh. That might be worth checking out.


The World is Ending

What. The Fuck. Are These. Lucky? Seriously? No.

"Three-Zip Marilyn Reissue Jeans, $108, Guess"

They are the same jeans from 1987. Reissued. No.

And then there's this:

There are no words.

Magazine Shoes

Apparently, I like to fall in love with impossible shoes. First the boots, now it's a pair of shoes in August's SHOP, etc [page 27]. They are listed as "Franco Sarto Iota in camel," but these are not them. Dammit!

I also like the Nine West Axelrod boots on page 136 of August's Lucky and the Gianni Bini boots on page 149. Do they have them online or anywhere yet? Noooo.