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Scarves & hats & gloves

Why is it so hard to find matching winter accesories that I actually like?

Why does this cute scarf have such an ugly (pom-poms? really?) hat?

Why do these Gap gloves not match these scarves (love the red)?

Why do these slouchy gloves not match anything?

I'm not looking to spend a lot, and hated what Old Navy had (fleece scarves? gross.). Maybe Target?

Also, I've been seeing the slouchy knee sock peeking over the tops of boots in several magazines. Is this the type of sock (or maybe these?) you buy to achieve that look? I need to investigate!

Winter shopping shoes

I'm going to NYC again in a couple of weeks, and it's going to be All About Shopping. In Houston, when you shop in the winter, and need to have comfortable shoes, you can pretty much wear flip flops (yes, a fashion faux pa, but whatevs). In New York, not so much.

I have some cute & fashionable Diesel sneakers, but they are light-colored, and I'm picturing sludging through dirty snow, and really they are not all that comfortable.

Ideally, I would wear boots. But even though the no-heel boot is huge this year, I'm not feeling it and know that I would never wear them otherwise. And snow boots with or without the wedge heel - cute, but not really for me. Also, you pretty much have to tuck your jeans in them, and as cute as I think others are with that look, it's not for me.

Sooo... looking for some more non-athletic sneakers... I found some cute ones at DSW, that were light-colored. I checked out Payless for boots, and found these super-cute ones, but I hate the color. The similar navy ones are a better color, but still, eh.

My friend has the cutest green Pumas, so I guess I need to go to their store and see what they have. As much as I dislike spending $75 on shoes like that, these are supercute. And I guess it's a necessity.
I'm still open to suggestions though!


Fancy Shoes from Payless

I "wow"ed when I saw these on the Payless splash page, thinking that they would look cute with a LBD... I don't think I'd actually buy them, but way to go Payless for not copying a mainstream shoe for once...



Got a couple of new sweaters at BR this weekend.

This one, I'm hoping to pair with my dark brown dressy bermuda shorts and tall dark brown boots. Weighing my options about what to layer under it...

This one, I just loved the dark meditteranean-blue of it. The picture does not do it justice. I generally dislike unfinished hems, but I was willing to overlook it because of the color. Also, it's super-warm!

New boots

Well, I finally found them. I've been looking & looking for some classic style, knee-high, dark brown LEATHER boots for large calves for under $150, and I got them.

For months, all I've been finding are the plastic-y stretch boots that fit over my calves, and was about to settle for that type when I found these. The brown is MUCH darker than in the picture, although I still wish it was a tad darker (anyone know of anything I can put on the leather to make it a smidgen darker? There's got to be something...). They were pretty comfortable to wear all day at work too. The website claims the heel is 3.5", but I think it's more like 3.25".
I got them on sale for $109 (plus the 11% "international shopper" discount I always seem to get at Macy's), and they had a deal where if you spent $100, you got 2 $10 giftcards for future purchases! So, I also got these in Lipstick Red (much MUCH REDder than the picture shows).

They aren't the best-looking pump ever, but they have a comfy flex-sole, and the heel does not feel 3.25," even though it is (I measured it). Perfect for work. They were on sale for $49 - $20 coupon = $29! Not bad.


New going out jacket

Well, I haven't been shopping too much lately (trying to save a little money), but I had to splurge a little on this jacket.

For years I have been trying to find the perfect "going out" jacket. Several years ago the fitted black leather jacket fit the bill. Last year, it was the velvet jacket (but I knew that trend wouldn't last, so I bought a cheap one at Charlotte Russe!).

The requirements are that it has too look good with jeans, black, or brown, be able to dress up or dress down slightly and look good with a multitude of colors.

...and I found it.

I think it looks less "prissy" in person. It's the perfect classic charcoal gray, it's a unique shape, but not super-trendy, so I can still wear it next year. The belt cinches in just enough at the waist. I love it. At $168, it's a little pricey for me for a jacket, but I used my 10% off coupon & was returning some stuff, so I justified it. :) The salesgirl at BR said it was her favorite item from the fall line too.

I wore it on Friday & Saturday nights this weekend - with a red top and jeans one night and a green top the other night. I got lots of complements on it.


Fall Sweaters

Since it's finally getting slightly cold here, I'm wearing sweaters. Only I'm finding that all my sweaters are too short... well, at least for this fall's fashions. So I ran to the Gap last night and picked up this long ballet-neck sweater in brown. I love the long ribbed cuffs.

I also have my eye on this sweater from Old Navy. I like the green and the red... oh, and the charcoal. But as with all things Old Navy, I will need to check out the quality in person. [side note: why is everything heathered this fall? Heathering's fine on some things, but when I'm trying to match heathered brown pants and all I can find in complementary colors is heathered stuff... I certainly can't wear heathered from head to toe!!]