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my heart skipped a beat

I love the patent-ness (hot for summer). They popped up on aldo.com's splash page and I was in love. Also comes in the more practical white & black.

The downside? They're Aldo, which means the heel is some impossibly high 3.5" or something.


Blazers are still in? Yay!

It's freezing at my work all the time - and I do wear sweaters in the summer, but I also wear tank tops and short sleeves a lot - so I have to have jackets. My work is casual, and pretty much anything goes. I love blazers and I have been craving buying more of them (I only, really, have 2 summer-weight ones that I like and wear a lot). But blazers have been in style for the past 3 years - isn't it time for something new? Well, I'm happy to hear that my cravings to buy more jackets is justified.

I really want a white one, but am afraid it will get too dirty.

My friend at work had this one on today. She usually buys all her clothes at Ann Taylor, so I thought surely it was AT. After staring at it (trying to read the buttons!) and noticing how TINY it made her waist look, I finally asked and she shocked me - it was apt. 9 from Kohl's! The picture doesn't do it justice - it looked a million times better with the white tank and brown circle skirt she had on.


Cute Payless Shoes

I saw these in a local magazine and thought they were so cute and fun - never would have guessed they were Payless! They come in black, too. Only $25!


Bold Bags

Well, after reading this saying that bold bags are IN for this season and this kinda does too, I've been keeping my eye out for colorful bags. I still love my BCBG luggage-colored purse - it does add color to my neutrals, but I'm afraid I'm going overboard with that color (I can't seem to stop buying it) and I may soon tire of it. As much as I love the 6 pairs I have, I'm already totally over metallic shoes and wish the stores would stock something else for sexy shoes.

Anyways, colorful bags. This berry-colored BCBG one is beautiful, and almost a neutral color - but - isn't the slouchy hobo thing on the way out?

And then there's this dark blue one with the contrast stitching - but it looks kinda cheap or something.


Wow, this is fun!

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After I read about it on Oprah's List, I spent a couple of hours on this awesome website this morning. It's super-addictive! You can dress them up however you want (including choosing their shoes), add accessories, add pets, etc. What a great idea! I made me & my friends - I think it would make a very cute gift for anyone!

Probably not the easiest idea, but it looks like the best deal is to print them out from home - all you want in a year for $24.95.


jcpenney - who knew?

In a desperate attempt to find chocolate brown shoes, I ventured into unknown territories.

JCPenney's has a third-tier of Steve Madden shoes called "Rule by Steve Madden"? Huh. Some of them were pretty cute. Not sexy, but cute.

I got these in brown. They look much cuter on. The only thing I don't like, which is weird, is that the sole is kind of rubber-y. But they match my dress, and my roommate voted for them over the Ann Taylor ones I bought, so there you go.

These look suspiciously like these.

Also, not my thing, but they had cute Izod polos too.