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Inspirational Shopping List for Fall

My inspiration:


Forth & Towne coming to Houston

Houston Galleria store opens in September, with another store in the Woodlands later this year.

I'm not sure what ages the clothes are meant for, but it looks Ann Taylor-ish, so probably 30s to 40s. I just like that it was founded by a group of women who grew up and still wanted chic styles that flattered, and they seem to really care about their customers. They have four collections (Allegory, Prize, Vocabulary, and Gap Edition), each with it's own unique "story." The tops look super cute, but based on their "buzz," the trenches, dresses, and bags are what they are best at. Can't wait!


Cute Cheap Purse

Reading the $1000 Wardrobe Challenge on Second City Style, it said they liked "expensive handbags (no PVC)" and they bought the "Street Fashion Handbag" from Bazaar Adriatic for $40 (plus free shipping). The BA website doesn't say what it's made of - are they leather???

Because this one is really cute as well!! Although, I can't really tell what color it is - brown? or bronze?


Pine IV jeans?

I bought my 3rd pair of expensive jeans... Pine IV Kyoto Flared Jeans. If I love them as much as 4 pairs of jeans, it's ok, right? Sometimes, like, when going to see Madonna in Miami, you need to look fan-freaking-tastic.

[They were actually $22 cheaper at Nordstrom, but they aren't online there.]

I was worried, since I've never heard of Pine IV, but I found a couple promising reviews online.

When I tried them on and was very pleasantly surprised. The first thing I thought was "I look so skinny!" - they are perfectly long (I would guess at least 35"), and have cute flap pockets, and a nice wash. I was thinking it was part of the "Nordstrom dressing room mirror syndrome," so I tried them on for my roommate and she said "You have to keep them," and then, "they make you look really skinny." Sold.

Weekend Shoe Report

Wow. While cute, these patent shoes are everywhere. I must have seen 50 people trying on the red ones this weekend. These are my favorites. Simple and kind of understated. Too high for me, but my roommate bought them.

Speaking of red, these are cute too.

In the end, I did buy some red shoes.

I also stepped outside of my box, and bought some of those Chanel-esque Franco Sarto flats (gasp!), and some Isaac Mizrahi for Target mary janes (in dark brown, the picture only seems to show black).

I am also happy to report that I made a good choice with my cowboy-ish, but not too cowboy brown boots last year. Seems similar ones (dark brown, chunky heel) are in style for fall.


The hunt for a handbag

I'm in the market for a new purse... handbag...whatever. I want leather, with some trendy features, that looks expensive, but is less than $200.

This one's Hype from Nordstrom. It meets all the requirements at $195, but I don't know if I want a chocolate brown purse. I wear a lot of black and am not one to change into last season's purse (I'm hard on all my purses too). I still love the color of my cognac BCBGirls purse... I may try to find another in that color.

Hmmm... I AM going to hit the Nordstrom's sale tomorrow - maybe I'll get lucky!


Cheap stuff

I love strapless tops, and I saw these online only (grrr) earlier this summer, but my local BR did not carry them. I wanted white, and since 99% of the white tops I try on are see-through, I didn't feel I should order it online. A
couple weeks ago I wandered into American Eagle (looking for their comfy suede-soled flip-flops) and saw these. They are reversible and the white & khaki striped one is solid white on the inside! And since they are double-layered, they are thick enough to not be see-through and are really flattering and long! Perfect. I bought the white & the blue (which is a gorgeous dark blue solid on the inside).

I wore the blue with my white Express cargo shorts that have become my favorite pair of shorts this summer.

I also just bought the cutest denim skirt at Old Navy. They don't seem to have it online, but it's knee-length and has embroirdered detailing on the back flap pockets, and it just looks expensive (but it's Old Navy!). So cute. I also totally love my denim mini I bought there in February. It's been the perfect weekend skirt to wear with my swimsuit..

I also bought some navy capris (also not online) that fit perfect in the waist - sot I had them altered into just-above-the-knee shorts. I love the long shorts trend this summer, but I didn't want to spend too much on buying too many pairs of them.